Recent Amazon Purchases: February 2021

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Oh, you want to know how my 1 gallon water challenge is going for February? In the wise words of Dorinda Medley “Not well B*$!&”. This month has been bittersweet (beloved family member passing + new job role) and quite frankly has drained me. I purchased this 1 gallon water bottle for the easy to sip straw and time stamps. Will re-do the challenge for March and report back!

Wrap sweater from recent Amazon favorites

I have never been a headband wearing kind of women. I feel like they can read childish when not styled properly (sorry if they are your thing!) I was browsing with a Truly in hand and found these cross knot headbands that are no joke, the perfect set of neutral colors with a feminine gold detail. Great for pulling back your hair for your nighttime skincare routine or a nice accessory to play up your outfit.

I caved and purchased the Insta-famous choker necklace and matching CZ gold huggies and gold huggies. I first saw the necklace on Loverly Grey’s Instagram account and fell in love with style. The earrings are actually my favorite out of the haul and found them through the brand’s Amazon store front. They have over 10,000 reviews and have not hurt or agitated my sensitive ears.

Magnesium supplement from recent Amazon favorites
Magnesium supplement from recent Amazon favorites

I was first introduced to Natural Vitality Calm magnesium supplement by Our Time of the Month (highly recommend these women – hilarious, thoughtful, and no-bs broads). The product boasts stress relieving properties. Who needs those right? I think it tastes great, but haven’t felt any muscle relaxing or stress relieving benefits.

Shampoo brush from recent Amazon favorites

If you enjoy head messages this will be your new best friend. I have thick hair, use a lot of product, and suffer from flakey scalp and dandruff. I have been using this scalp brush in the shower with my shampoo for about a month now and feel my scalp is actually being exfoliated – no more product build up. I scrub my scalp with light pressure in small circular motions until I feel my shampoo has reached every inch of my scalp, plus a few more seconds for added scalp massage.

Confession: I have been using makeup-stained white washcloths for years taking my makeup off every night. They are passed their prime, scratchy from years of use, and no doubt damaging my skin. I found these makeup removing cloths and they are an exact dupe for the makeup eraser clothes. I first use Estée Lauder Take It Away makeup remover lotion and follow up with the reusable makeup remover cloths. No tugging and can use over and over again.

Also grabbed this rechargeable USB lighter after seeing it all over the internet for years now. Feel kind of late to the ball game and am so excited to finally get to use all of my Christmas candles. The lighter was fully charged right out of the box and makes a buzzing sound when in use.

USB charged lighter from recent Amazon favorites
USB charged lighter from recent Amazon favorites
USB charged lighter from recent Amazon favorites

Is it strange I am styling outfits for video conferencing calls when I am working from home? Purchased this neutral wrap sweater and more leggings for my remote work day.

I have heard so many great reviews of these best selling Amazon black leggings. They are very thin and soft, a stark difference from my other tried and true Amazon leggings that are more opaque and thicker fabric. Both are comfortable and perfect for easy days at home.

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